Photos tagged with "London"

  1. Lion and Unicorn Gate at Hyde Park
  2. Neighborhood garden and church
  3. Parliament
  4. London Eye
  5. Westminster Abbey
  6. Westminster Abbey
  7. Westminster Abbey
  8. Westminster Abbey
  9. Westminster Abbey
  10. Statue in front of St. Paul’s Cathedraul
  11. Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral
  12. Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral
  13. Odd decorations in St. Paul’s Cathedral
  14. Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral–organ and choir
  15. Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral–view from inner balcony (note pipes and storage :))
  16. From the first outer balcony of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  17. From the first outer balcony of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  18. Oldest church in London
  19. Tower of London–Treasury building on the left
  20. Fancy cannon in the Tower of London
  21. Tower of London with modern buildings beyond
  22. Tower of London–weapon art
  23. Tower of London–White Tower
  24. Tower of London–White Tower
  25. Tower of London
  26. Sailor’s memorial
  27. Taco log
  28. Ready for the Stonehenge bus tour
  29. London Eye
  30. On the London Eye
  31. On the London Eye
  32. On the London Eye
  33. On the London Eye
  34. On the London Eye