Photos tagged with "Zack"

  1. Falling Water
  2. Falling Water
  3. Tower of London–White Tower
  4. Ready for the Stonehenge bus tour
  5. West Kennet Long Barrow
  6. Silbury Hill
  7. Near West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill
  8. Stonehenge
  9. Stonehenge
  10. The bath house
  11. The bath house
  12. In Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights
  13. Rooftop courtyard in the Living quarters of Cardiff Castle. It’s a Victorian idea of what a medieval castle ought to be. Reminds me of Hearst Castle.
  14. View from the top of Cardiff Castle
  15. Cardiff had a bunch of stone circles. I don’t know if they’re old or new.
  16. Edinburgh Castle
  17. River Garry near Soldier’s Leap and Queen’s View
  18. Queen’s View
  19. Tomphubil Lime-Kiln
  20. Hermitage Woods, a redwood forest in Scotland!
  21. Hadrian’s Wall
  22. Hadrian’s Wall
  23. Vindolanda, a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall
  24. On the London Eye
  25. Santa Monica pier
  26. Griffith Park
  27. Griffith Park
  28. Griffith Park
  29. Board games with family
  30. The tower in the battlefield
  31. Train ride at the Chattanooga train museum
  32. Jack London Square in Oakland, full of wildfire smoke
  33. Memorial boat ride for Zack’s grandparents
  34. Memorial boat ride for Zack’s grandparents
  35. Memorial boat ride for Zack’s grandparents
  36. Zack’s grandparent’s back porch, with current resident
  37. Malibu
  38. Universal Studios
  39. In Hollywood with the Hollywood sign in the distance
  40. The Getty Museum
  41. The family at the Cliff House
  42. Hakone Gardens
  43. Hakone Gardens
  44. Hakone Gardens
  45. View of the woods from my cousin’s back deck
  46. The park in downtown Chickamauga
  47. Rock City. Throughout the park there are these gnome and goblin statues.
  48. Rock City
  49. Rock City
  50. All dressed up for the wedding
  51. Prospect alums and spouses
  52. I got an Instax camera for my birthday, so I took some pictures of us in a cafe. I really like the one on the right.
  53. Decorations in a nice bookstore in downtown LA
  54. Zack’s mom has gotten into weaving lately, and she’s building her own loom out of pipes.
  55. Visiting with Zack’s great uncle in Bakersfield
  56. US Capitol
  57. US Capitol
  58. All dressed up for the hooding ceremony
  59. Zack receiving his hood
  60. Zack receiving his hood
  61. Zack and his advisor at the reception after the hooding ceremony
  62. Reception after the hooding ceremony
  63. Zack + dinosaur
  64. Zack receiving his “diploma” (the real one was already mailed to us)
  65. All graduated!
  66. At the beach near Malibu
  67. At the beach near Malibu
  68. How close can we get to the Hollywood sign?
  69. All dressed up for the wedding. We are bad at selfies.
  70. New house!
  71. Hike to a waterfall near the rented house
  72. Hike to a waterfall near the rented house