I am a user experience designer. I excel at interaction design, wireframing, rapid mockups with web technologies, and usability testing.


  • Gathering design requirements through interviews, usability testing, and analytics
  • Communicating design requirements with stakeholders and harmonizing them with business goals and engineering constraints
  • Interaction design using diagrams, storyboards, and prototypes
  • Content modeling as part of new designs or based on existing content
  • Rapid prototyping and testing with paper, wireframes, photoshop, or html


  • MS in Human Computer Interaction
    Georgia Tech (2008)
  • BS in Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Human Computer Interaction
    University of California, San Diego (2006)

Work Experience:

  • Software Engineer at SRI International
    August 2010-March 2015
    Information architecture, interaction design, content strategy, wireframing, prototyping, testing, analytics, style guides, and front-end web development on various projects, particularly for interfaces involving browsing and searching very large data sets.
  • Freelance Web Designer
    January 2010-August 2010
    Wireframing and task flow design, updating and unifying design patterns, css, javascript, html, and php (specifically wordpress) development, and mobile site development.
  • Web Programmer at Metaplace Inc.
    June 2008-December 2009 and summer 2007
    Designed, gathered user feedback on, and built many interactive widgets including chat and other social features and vendor analytics.
  • Masters Project: Collaboration in 3d Art
    September 2007-May 2008
    Participated in and observed several online communities and conducted interviews with collaboration participants to determine how people work together (or fail to work together) online on artistic projects.
  • Student Research Assistantship with Dell and Georgia Tech
    Spring 2007 and Fall 2007
    Interviewed and taped people using their home media centers, made projections about the sorts of things people need to improve these systems’ usability and utility.
  • Web Programmer for the Teams In Engineering Service program at UCSD
    Summer 2006
    Talked to various stakeholders and laid the groundwork for the new team collaboration site with improved workflow and many new collaboration features.
  • Forum Coordinator on the Blender 3d Forum on Renderosity.com
    July 2005-January 2012
    Organized and moderated the forum and associated gallery, download, and tutorial areas
  • Integration Intern at Entriq
    Summer 2005
    Customized storefront with CSS for customers, rewrote storefront application in AJAX.
  • Interface Design Intern at Tribeworks
    Summer 2004
    Used Photoshop to create themes for a PDA photo album.


Please feel free to contact me below or at pam@pamgriffith.net with questions or comments!