Photos tagged with "Pittsburgh"

  1. All dressed up for the hooding ceremony
  2. The hooding ceremony was at the natural history musem, we lined up to go inside next to this exhibit of lions tearing someone off a camel. Perhaps it represents the struggle to finish the PhD.
  3. Hooding ceremony
  4. Hooding ceremony. All the new PhDs waited in the atrium.
  5. Hooding ceremony. There were bagpipes!
  6. Zack receiving his hood
  7. Zack receiving his hood
  8. Zack and his advisor at the reception after the hooding ceremony
  9. Reception after the hooding ceremony
  10. Zack + dinosaur
  11. ECE graduation ceremony
  12. Zack receiving his “diploma” (the real one was already mailed to us)
  13. ECE graduation ceremony
  14. All graduated!